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Similar to our mission, we aim to recruit singers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether you’re a recent college graduate who wants to continue singing, or have many years of singing under your belt, we’re interested in you! Resound Ensemble membership is based solely on the yearly audition.

Spring 2020 Auditions

Date: TBD
San Francisco, CA

Email for more information.

What Happens at Your Audition

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a form that details your singing experience. A separate printed music resumé is helpful, but not required. You will also be asked to list your known absences from our rehearsal calendar. Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled audition time. Auditions typically last 10-15 minutes.

Auditions will begin with vocalization in order to check vocal range, timbre, intonation, and placement. The remained of the audition will consist of the following parts:

  1. Solo Piece
    Choose a piece that is appropriate for you and your voice and vocal experience. Music can be chosen from a wide range of styles and genres, but should show off your instrument. It can be accompanied or unaccompanied. Memorization is preferred, but not mandatory.

  2. Music Literacy
    At an absolute minimum, you should be comfortable identifying the following at sight:

    1. Bass and treble clef, including ledger lines from C2 to C6. This includes accidentals and enharmonic spellings (a-sharp/b-flat).

    2. All major key signatures

    3. Common musical terms about tempo and dynamics

    4. All note durations, dotted rhythms, and time signatures

    5. Whole steps and half steps in the major scale

    6. Identifying pitches on a piano

  3. Sight-reading
    There will be three short sight-reading exercises, one tonal (with English text), one atonal, and one that’s just rhythm. In addition, be prepared to sing a whole tone and a chromatic scale. These can be done on a neutral syllable or on solfège syllables.

  4. Tonal Memory
    Part of the audition will be singing patterns that are first played on the piano. These will get progressively more difficult, and will only be played once.

If you have specific questions regarding Resound Emsemble’s audition process, please contact us through our contact page.