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Composers Reading Workshop

Resound Ensemble announces its first Composers Reading Workshop to be held in San Francisco at the Kanbar Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 13, 2014. We welcome submissions from composers in all stages of their careers. This workshop is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for a number of composers to get hands-on experience with a live choir and conductor. Several composers will be chosen from the entries hear their music read by Resound Ensemble and to receive feedback from the conductor, the singers, as well as David Conte, our expert clinician.

The workshop is open to the public. Attendees will be provided with scores to follow during the workshop. This unique glimpse into the creation of a piece of music will be valuable to composers, singers, and conductors alike.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Resound Ensemble is an SATB choir. We will consider pieces with a wide range of instrumentation, however, all pieces will be workshopped a cappella, without piano reinforcement.

  • Submissions should be no longer than about three minutes. If your piece is longer than three minutes, please submit the piece in its entirety with an indication of which three-minute section you’d like us to consider.

  • Only newly written or unperformed pieces will be read. Along with completed works, we encourage the submission of fragments (ex. eight bars of music voiced three different ways) and works-in-progress.

  • Each composer may submit only one composition for consideration.

  • Compositions should not include solo works, electronics, MIDI, digital technology, or sound reinforcement as part of the SATB texture.

  • Scores should be be clear and legible, formatted for printing on letter-size paper and submitted as a PDF. Sibelius and Finale files will not be considered. Hand written scores must be very neat and legible. 

  • Application Fee: $15 (if your piece is not chosen for the workshop, this fee will cover your attendance at the workshop and all related materials)

  • Submission receipt deadline is Friday, August 15, 2014 at Midnight PST.

  • Incomplete, illegible, or late submissions will not be considered.

  • A complete submission will include the following sent to

    • Email with subject line “Composer Reading Workshop” and your last name

    • One letter-size PDF of the score, submitted as an attachment, ready to print

    • A current resume and bio for the composer

    • A current list of works

    • A brief statement explaining why you’d like to hear the submitted passage or piece

    • Payment of the $15 application fee via the Resound Ensemble “Support” page with a note including “Composer Reading Workshop" and your last name